Welcome to CJAN, the Comprehensive Java Archive Network

The CJAN project is a placeholder for tests of Java projects. It aims at providing better quality, less bugs in production, tests for alpha/beta/RC versions and history of compatibility for Java projects.

Testers and developers can submit test results. Each result is archived alongside with metadata such as: build tool version, project, version and operating system (OS name, OS version and OS architecture).

Read more about how to get started.

Or for a TL;DR, copy your user token from your profile into your settings.xml:


Then run:

mvn clean test
mvn org.cjan:test-collector:upload

The first command is just to produce some test results locally. This step is required to be run separately as it may fail and not execute any further steps. The second command calls our Maven plug-in to upload your test results to CJAN.org, using the user token.


CJAN.org is an Open Source project, licensed under the MIT License. The code is hosted at GitHub. Contributions are always welcome!